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  • How long must I be seizure free to obtain a drivers license?

    Every state and the District of Columbia closely monitor drivers with documented medical conditions and disabilities. This is especially true for drivers with epilepsy. Waiting Period for Drivers License Following Seizures All states require drivers with a history of seizures to remain seizure- ...

  • Where can I obtain a handicap hangtag or placard?

    Handicapped Placard for Drivers With Disabilities If you're a permanently or temporarily disabled driver, visit your local DMV office to apply for a handicap parking placard or a handicap hangtag. More than likely you'll be required to jointly complete an application with your physician, and thi ...

  • Does a handicap or disabled driver require a special drivers license?

    Not necessarily. Most states subject disabled drivers to the same tests and procedures as non-disabled drivers. Every state, however, does offer handicap plates and placards to ease the parking frustrations of handicapped drivers. Most states will restrict the drivers license of a handicapped ap ...

  • Where do I get disability forms?

    Online. Finding driver-related disability forms – such as those for disabled drivers’ license plates and parking placards – takes no more effort than visiting the Web site of your state’s DMV or motor vehicle agency, downloading the form (most are in PDF format), and prin ...

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