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  • Is it illegal to modify my exhaust system to make it louder?

    Smog and Exhaust This is a difficult law to pinpoint. Unlike most vehicle regulations, "loudness" is not governed on a state level, but rather by municipality. For help in this matter, contact your local police department or your DMV. Tickets for loud exhaust systems are normally not based on de ...

  • Can some window tints cause a car to fail vehicle inspection?

    Yes, you can fail a vehicle inspection for owning windows with too much tint depending, of course, on your state's regulations. If you fail, you must correct the problem; otherwise, you won't be allowed to apply for or renew your car registration. Vehicle Inspection and Window Tint Regulations B ...

  • What if my car fails the vehicle inspection?

    The grid below highlights how your state requires you to handle a failed vehicle inspection. Generally, you’ll need to make the necessary repairs and return the vehicle for another inspection. However, some states offer perks such as free re-inspections for returning the vehicle within a c ...

  • How do I renew my vehicle inspection?

    Are you referring to a safety inspection or an emissions inspection? Your answer to this will determine what you need to do, as will where you live. Some states require both safety and emissions inspections to renew a vehicle registration. But, other states don't require either. And, even in sta ...

  • Do I have to pay again if my vehicle fails the safety inspection?

    The purpose of a safety inspection is to make sure your vehicle has all of the necessary equipment to operate safely on public roadways. Some, but not all, states require a vehicle inspection before your vehicle can be legally registered. Items checked during a safety inspection include: Seat ...

  • Does my state require a car inspection?

    Many states require an emissions inspection or a safety inspection - or both. Check to see if you car might face a state inspection by viewing the list. These auto inspections are usually required either before a vehicle can be registered, or at registration renewal time. However, your vehicle m ... (the Site) is a privately owned, for-profit Web site owned by OnlineGURU, Inc. The Site specifically disclaims any and all connection with any state bureau, division, or Department of Motor Vehicles, or any state or federal government agency. does its best to get the correct information but does not claim responsibility for the accuracy of the information displayed herein. It is not complete or certified information. The information provided on is not legal advice, is not a lawyer referral service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or should be formed by use of the site. Additionally, the Site expressly disclaims any and all liability for third party links or resources on the Site and any claims of negligence arising from same. For official information, please consult your state motor vehicle department.