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  • How many convictions does it take before the state declares someone a habitual offender?

    Each state governs habitual offenders differently. Some states base designation on points, others on major traffic offenses. And there are many states without a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) law on the books. DUI, Traffic Tickets, and Speeding Tickets If you reside in a habitual offender stat ...

  • How can I find my ticket?

    If you have recently received a traffic ticket, but you have misplaced the ticket since, contact your local DMV office to inquire about the options available to you. Typically, in the case of a speeding ticket, you can choose to plead guilty to the sited violation and pay all required fines, or ...

  • How will a reckless endangerment charge affect my driving privileges?

    Reckless Endangerment and Your Driving Record Depending on the circumstances and the state in which you reside, reckless endangerment can either be classified as a misdemeanor or as a felony. Both charges come with heavy ramifications and are generally more serious than a minor traffic ticket. I ...

  • How can I contact the Highway Patrol?

    Depending on your situation, every law enforcement agency will respond to 911. For 15 states, including California and New York, 911 is recognized as the main number for the highway patrol. Other states, in conjunction with 911, utilize special mobile phone numbers. Colorado for example also use ...

  • How can I find citation number?

    It should be plainly - and painfully - displayed no matter if you have a speeding ticket, traffic ticket, or parking ticket on the citation form itself. The citation number should be on the front of the ticket, usually at the top. If you can't find the citation number, or if you've lost the tick ...

  • How can I make a ticket payment?

    Your options depend on your state. Some states – like Alabama, California (certain counties), and Virginia – allow you to pay traffic tickets and parking tickets online. Others want you to show up in person, and the establishment you’ll need to visit will rely heavily on where ...

  • Can I renew my license if I have out of state tickets?

    That depends on a number of factors. If you're talking about a non-moving citation (such as parking tickets), you should be fine. If you're talking about more serious offenses, such as speeding tickets, you may have some trouble. If you just received your out-of-state ticket and haven't missed t ...

  • How can I find my ticket?

    There's no need to lay awake and ask yourself, "How am I going to find my ticket?" Parking tickets, speeding tickets, and other moving and non-moving citations can easily be sent to you simply by calling the jurisdiction where the infraction occurred and explaining the situation. You should call ...

  • Do I have any outstanding tickets?

    Call your local DMV office. All traffic tickets are immediately entered into a police database that's shared with DMV offices and insurance companies. A DMV agent should be able to provide you with an update on any outstanding tickets. Immediate action is imperative. Don't put off learning you ...

  • Can I check for tickets online?

    Some state driver license agencies allow you to do this. However, most states don't permit you to check for tickets online. To find out if your state agency gives you this option, go to your state's central driver license site. Look for anything having to do with traffic tickets, parking tickets ...

  • What if I miss my court date?

    First, take a look at your citation. Most states, counties, and towns clearly state on the citation the penalties you can expect if you miss your court date. If your citation doesn’t include such information, or if you’ve lost your copy, you have a bit more work ahead of you – ... (the Site) is a privately owned, for-profit Web site owned by OnlineGURU, Inc. The Site specifically disclaims any and all connection with any state bureau, division, or Department of Motor Vehicles, or any state or federal government agency. does its best to get the correct information but does not claim responsibility for the accuracy of the information displayed herein. It is not complete or certified information. The information provided on is not legal advice, is not a lawyer referral service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or should be formed by use of the site. Additionally, the Site expressly disclaims any and all liability for third party links or resources on the Site and any claims of negligence arising from same. For official information, please consult your state motor vehicle department.