How do I renew license by phone or mail in Texas? Texas

First, find out if you’re eligible to renew your drivers license by phone or mail.

Typically, the DPS saves the renew license by mail option for out-of-state Texas residents and the renew license phone option for a driver who:

  • Has a driver license that hasn’t been expired for more than two years.
  • Renewed his license in person during the last renewal.
  • Has a class C, CM, or M license. (Drivers can’t renew Class A or B, provisional, or commercial licenses over the phone.)
  • Is younger than 79.
Although the above are the criteria you usually have to meet to renew your license by mail or by phone, keep in mind that you’ll find the license renewal method the TX DPS wants you to use (which also includes the in person and online options) listed on your license renewal notice.

License Renewal by Mail

As noted above, the DPS generally likes to save mail-in license renewals for out-of-state residents. If you’re an in-state resident and want to renew by mail, your renewal notice will invite you to do so and you’ll find instructions included with the notice.

Once you’re ready to renew, gather proof of your Social Security number and write a check or money order for the applicable renewal fee (usually $24) made payable to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Then make sure your printer’s ink cartridges are healthy because you must visit the DPS Web site and download copies of:

  • Scan Card/Form LI-50, the Out-of-State/Country Application.
  • Form DL-43, the Texas Driver License & Identification Renewal/Duplicate Application
  • Form DL-63, the Explanation for Eye Specialist (if you’ve had a traffic ticket in the last four years).
  • Form DL-15, the United States Selective Service Registration (if you’re male, not in the military, and between the ages of 18 and 26).
Once you (and possibly an eye care specialist) complete the forms, mail everything to:

Texas Department of Public Safety
P.O. Box 15999
Austin, TX  78761-5999

License Renewal by Phone

To renew by phone, call (866) DL-RENEW and have available your:

  • TX drivers license.
  • Social Security card.
  • A valid credit card to pay the license renewal fee ($24 plus the $1 convenience fee, if applicable). The DPS accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Renew Your TX Driver License On Time

No matter how the DPS wants you to renew your drivers license, make sure you renew it on time.

Although Texas allows drivers up to two years before requiring them to start the licensing process all over again, driving with an expired license can earn you a traffic ticket and other associated penalties like court appearances and fines.

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