Will the DMV suspend my drivers license if I am diagnosed with narcolepsy?

Maintaining Driver License With Sleep Disorder

Each state treats driver medical conditions differently. This includes diabetes, epilepsy, strokes and narcolepsy. Depending on your state you may be denied a drivers license due to a reported medical condition on your drivers license application. Maryland, for example, is one of those states. But many other state DMVs treat each medical condition on a case-by-case basis, only taking action following a seizure or a loss of consciousness or some type of symptom that endangers the driver's ability to operate a vehicle.  

Many states require physicians to report health concerns to the DMV. So if you fall asleep behind the wheel and are clinically proven to have narcolepsy there's a good chance you may have to go before your state's Medical Advisory Board. Depending on your medical situation, you may have your drivers license suspended or revoked until you can prove you are medically fit to drive. 

Contact your DMV, or even your doctor for the exact specifics and/or ramifications regarding narcolepsy and driving for your state.

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  • Posted by KAREN KELLER on April 29th, 2010

    it was very informative. I have an employee who recently stated she had narcolepsy and I wondered if that were true, why she is allowed to drive.

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