What are some motorcycle practice test questions?

Motorcycle practice test questions are similar to drivers license practice test questions, only, geared toward information about motorcycles. These questions require you to prove your knowledge about safe and legal motorcycle riding both before and after you mount the bike.

Sample Motorcycle Practice Test Questions

Whether you’re taking a motorcycle practice test or the real thing, expect to see multiple-choice questions related to topics like:

  • The most important time to flash your brake light.
  • How much stopping power your front brake provides.
  • Proper swerving techniques.
  • The best position for an inexperienced rider in a group of riders.
  • The proper way to ride with passengers.
  • How to react if an animal such as a dog is chasing you.
  • What to do if your motorcycle starts wobbling.
The best way to study for the written motorcycle test is to read your state’s motorcycle manual and answer practice test questions. You can find the manual at your local DMV branch; many states provide their manuals for download from their main DMV websites.

Most states provide a separate motorcycle manual (usually modeled after Motorcycle Safety Foundation guidelines), and most of these manuals include practice test questions. Delaware and Tennessee, for example, provide practice test questions at the end of each section and a complete practice test at the end of the manual.

However, some states, such as Wyoming, don’t provide practice test questions in their motorcycle manuals; others simply dedicate a chapter of their drivers license handbook to motorcycle information and don’t have room for practice questions. If either situation sounds like your state, you can search the Internet for a free or low-cost motorcycle practice test to help you prepare for the real thing. You can also partner with a buddy to create your own practice test questions.

Of course, don’t forget the written exam isn’t the only test you’ll have to take to earn your motorcycle license. Unless you enroll in a motorcycle course and live in a state that waives testing for applicants who complete such a course, you’ll also have to prepare for and pass the on-cycle skills exam.

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