How do I complete a motorcycle title transfer to change ownership in TX? Texas

Completing a Motorcycle Title Transfer in Texas

Texas law states that a new title must be obtained within 20 business days of a change in ownership for a motorcycle or 45 days if the selling dealer is also financing the vehicle.

The process you follow will depend on whether you’re buying or selling the motorcycle.

Buying a Motorcycle

If you are buying a motorcycle from a dealer, a company representative will complete the necessary paperwork on your behalf. All you need to do is ask for a receipt showing that the motorcycle has been titled in your name. You must obtain the title before you will be allowed to get a motorcycle registration.

If you are buying from a private party, ask the seller to accompany you to the Texas Department of Transportation (TX DOT) county tax office to complete the title transfer. This will prevent any possible legal complications. You should also ask the seller to give you the

  • Vehicle registration receipt.
  • Release of lien, power of attorney.
  • Any other applicable supporting documents.

Selling a Motorcycle

When selling your motorcycle, you should provide the buyer with a properly signed title that includes the date of sale and odometer reading. You will also need to give him a signed vehicle title application, with the sales price clearly shown. For your own records, you will need:

  • The buyer's contact information.
  • The date of sale.
  • A description of your motorcycle that includes the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
If you are selling your motorcycle and unable to accompany the buyer to the county tax office, you should complete a vehicle transfer notification as soon as possible. This notice provides you with legal protection in the event that the buyer of your motorcycle fails to complete the title transfer within the appropriate timeframe. Your name is not removed from the record until the new owner applies for a title, but a notation is added that indicates you have sold the vehicle and are no longer responsible for tickets, toll violations, or other related issues.

NOTE: One thing to keep in mind when completing a title transfer to change ownership for a motorcycle is that you are not allowed to keep your license plates for a motorcycle in Texas. Although plates for a personal car or truck can be transferred, you must obtain new license plates whenever you get a new motorcycle.

Additional Information

If you need additional information about transferring titles for motorcycles in Texas, please call (512) 465-7611.

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