Is there a maximum age to get a drivers license?

We all want to continue driving as long as we can. Driving represents independence and as we age we become frightened of losing that independence. Many seniors feel that losing the ability to drive will negatively affect their quality of life. This is especially true in areas that lack strong public transportation systems.

If you're worried about keeping your driver's license, it's helpful to make sure you understand your state's laws regarding senior citizens and the maximum age to get a driver's license. In Pennsylvania, for example, there is a mature driver reexamination program. Every month, 1,900 drivers ages 45 and older are chosen for retesting six months prior to renewal of their driver license. Selected drivers are required to undergo vision and physical examinations, conducted by any licensed physician at no charge.

One good way to stay safe as an older driver is to take a refresher course in driver's education basics. If you are concerned about maintaining your driving skills, you could contact your local senior groups for more information about mature driver education courses. Some state DMV offices also offer their own driver education programs for senior citizens.

Alaska A class is available for older drivers.
California All residents must be able to pass a driving test upon request.
Connecticut Only older drivers who are reported by a law enforcement officer, a medical doctor, an optometrist, or by notarized affidavit from a third party must be screened.
Florida A class is available for older drivers.
Georgia DDS is required by Georgia law to administer a vision test to drivers age 64 or older prior to renewing or issuing a driver's license.
Hawaii Two-year licenses are issued to drivers over the age of 72 who drive non-commercial vehicles.
Idaho A skill test may be required when an examiner has concerns about applicant’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.
Illinois All persons age 75 and over must take a driving test.
Maine A vision screening is required at the first license renewal after age 40 and at every second license renewal after. For drivers age 62 or older, a vision screening is required at every license renewal.
Maryland If you are over 40, you must have your doctor complete and sign the vision certification portion of your renewal form.
New Hampshire
New Jersey A mature driver's improvement program class is recommended.
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina Vision and traffic sign recognition tests are always required and road test is at discretion of the examiner.
North Dakota
Oregon If you are 50 years of age or older on the renewal date, you will need to pass a vision screening test.
Pennsylvania A mature driver reexamination program is available.
Rhode Island
South Carolina If you are 65 or older, you must pass a vision test or provide an eye examination certificate obtained within the last 12 months from a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist.
South Dakota
Virginia Drivers age 80 or older must complete the vision screening requirements.
West Virginia
Washington DC

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