What is the cost of new drivers license?

The first time you get your driver’s license can be very stressful. One of the first things you should do is check your state laws about obtaining a license. Most states require two forms of identity and some require for you to provide proof of residency. For example, Vermont requires you to bring in at least two pieces of mail with your current name and Vermont street address.

In most states, new drivers are required to take drivers ed and have a certain number of behind-the-wheel driving experience.

You will likely need to take a written test and/or road test to receive your first license. The rules for making appointments vary from state to state. In general, however, you should almost always try to set up an appointment. Having an appointment ensures that you will be taken care of as quickly as possible. If you show up unnournced, you may need to wait to complete your test.

Another thing you should do before applying for your first license is decide how you will pay the needed fees. Do you know the cost of a new driver’s license? Each state has a different fee schedule for testing and driver licenses.

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Alabama $5 for written test fee, $23.50 for 4-year license
Alaska $20 for 5-year license
Arizona ages 16-39: $25; 40-44: $20; 45-49: $15; 50 and older: $10
Arkansas $20
California $31 for 5-year license
Colorado $21
Connecticut $66-$77, plus $40 exam fee
Delaware $25
Florida $48
Georgia $20 for 5-year license or $35 for 10-year license
Hawaii written exams $1; road exams $5; 2-year license $6, 4-year license $6, 8-year license $12
Idaho ranges from $15-$55 depending upon driver age and license length
Illinois basic license is $30, reduced fees for teens and senior citizens
Indiana fees range from $7-$21 depending upon driver age and license length
Iowa 5-year license cost is $20, drivers under 18 and over 70 will be issued a 2-year license for $8
Kansas fees range from $23-$47.50 depending upon license length and class
Kentucky fees vary from $8-20
Louisiana 4-year license is $24.50 or $15.50 if you are age 70 or older
Maine $30 for 6-year license
Maryland $45 for 5-year license
Massachusetts $75 for first time 5-year license, $125 for out of state transfer
Michigan 4-year original license is $25, 4-year enhanced license is $45
Minnesota 5-year license is $24
Mississippi 4-year license is $21
Missouri drivers ages 18-20 or ages 70 and over are issued a 3-year driver license for $22.50; drivers ages 21-69 are issued a 6-year license for $45
Montana fees range from $5.50 to $35.50 depending upon your age and license length
Nebraska fees range from $7.50 to $26.50 depending upon license length
Nevada 4-year license is $22, testing fee is $25 or $10 for a retest
New Hampshire $50 for 5-year license
New Jersey permit fee $10; driver’s license $24 for 4-year license
New Mexico $18 for a 4-year license or $34 for an 8-year license
New York 3-year junior operator license is $64.25, 5-year standard license is $105
North Carolina 8-year license is $32, 5-year license is $20
North Dakota written test is $5; road test is $5; 4-year license is $10
Ohio fees range from $19.25 to $24.25 depending on driver age
Oklahoma 4-year license for $25.50, prorated fees for drivers age 62 and older
Oregon $60 for 8-year license
Pennsylvania 4-year license is $33, 2-year license is $22.50
Rhode Island $25 for road test, $25 for 2-year license
South Carolina $25 for standard 10-year license, $12.50 for 5-year license for drivers over 65
South Dakota 5-year license is $20
Tennessee 5-year license is $17.50, application fee $2
Texas under 18 is $5 per year; 18-84 is $24 for 6-year license; 85 and older is $8 for 2-year license
Utah 5-year license is $30 for drivers under 21 or $25 for drivers over 21
Vermont $45 for 2-year license, $62 for 4-year license, $25 extra for enhanced license
Virginia licensing fee is $4 per year
Washington $20-$25 depending upon what tests are needed
West Virginia fees range from $3 to $19.25, depending on age and driving experience
Wisconsin $28 for 3-year license
Wyoming $20 for 8-year license
Washington DC $44 for 8-year license

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