Where do I check for a suspended license?

If you want to check for a suspended license, the Department of Motor Vehicles is the place to look. There are a few ways in which you can get your drivers license suspended, such as:

  • Getting a DUI
  • Not paying your child support
  • Failing to pay a traffic ticket or to appear in court
  • Getting caught drinking before you are of legal age (21)
  • Vandalizing property
  • Not reporting an accident
  • Not having insurance if you get into an accident
  • Accumulating excessive points on your driving record

Ordering your driving record or driving history is the best way to see if you have a suspended license. For example, in California, you can order your driving record in person or by mail. You will just need to fill out a request form and pay a small fee. Your driving history will tell you when you were revoked or suspended and the date you will be eligible for reinstatement.

Some states will let you order your driving record through a third-party vendor if you desire. This option is generally more convenient for people with very busy schedules.

You can also go to the National Driver Register to check on your license status. If you are suspended in one state, you will likely be on this list. This means you cannot get a license in another state either.

Another option for seeing if your license is suspended is checking the Driver License Compact, which most states are a part of. People who are non-residents of the state in which they were suspended are put on here. Because of their out-of-state suspension, they may be suspended in their own state also.

If you discover that you do indeed have a suspended license, then what? You probably need to get to work and other places during this time. You can sometimes get a permit so you can get to work or other necessary appointments while your license is suspended. This is not possible in all states, however. There are different requirements in each state for who is eligible. Some states only require you to apply, while some require that you have a waiting period and take a test.

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  • Posted by SR22 on February 10th, 2010

    Some insurance agents can pull a real time MVR, they cost them about $7-10. You can find out by calling your state DMV. Calling the DMV is recommended, because if you license is suspended they can tell how long. They can tell you if you need to file an SR22.

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