How do I complete a title transfer in Hawaii? Hawaii

How to Complete a Title Transfer in Hawaii

When you sell car, you must transfer the HI title over to the new owner. To transfer a car title:

  1. Sign the back of the title where it reads “seller.” Print your name and address.
  2. Print the name of the buyer in the “buyer” box.
  3. Print the odometer reading in the “odometer” box.
  4. Give the new owner the current registration and inspection certificates. If the car is from another state, you’ll also need the Bill of Lading from the shipper (cars shipped to Hawaii must be registered in Hawaii within 30 days from the date on the Bill of Lading).
  5. Fill out the Release of Lien form from the DMV within 10 days of the sale.

Cars with Liens

Transferring titles with liens still on them are much trickier, especially in Hawaii, where many people have off-island car loans, and there is a time difference and miles of ocean between the nearest customer service rep and the used car. However, it’s not impossible. To buy car or sell a car that still must be paid off:

  1. Fill out a bill of sale with all the car’s information on it and purchase price. Have this notarized.
  2. Fill out a Release of Liability form from the Hawaii DMV. This is important for the seller, so he can let the buyer take possession of the car without being financially responsible. You must do this within 10 days of the sale.
  3. Call the car lender for a payoff amount.
  4. Ask the lienholder for a lien release form and explain that someone else is buying the car; different lenders may have slightly different procedures.
  5. Send a cashier’s check for the payoff amount to the car lender.
The seller must request that the lienholder send the released HI car title to the new buyer.

The buyer can then take the car title in and have the car registered.

If you bought the car in a different state, the lienholder will likely have two different titles on file: the one for the original state, and the one for Hawaii. Be sure the lienholder releases the HI title to you, not the original state’s title, otherwise the new owner will be unable to register the car in Hawaii.

Buy Car with Peace of Mind

Whether you’re buying or selling used cars, get a vehicle history report. This report demonstrates the complete vehicle history, including:

  • History of salvage.
  • Owner history.
  • Maintenance records (if performed at reporting service shops).
  • Insurance claims.

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