What are the WV emissions or smog check requirements for vehicle registration? West Virginia

There are none. Mountain State air is currently fairly free of smog and other emissions, so the WV DMV doesn’t require a smog check or emissions testing for vehicle registration.

However, you do have to comply with the state’s annual safety inspection requirements.

West Virginia Safety Inspection Requirements

A safety inspection is required of most vehicles during their first register car process (actually, within 10 days of registering the vehicle), and of all vehicles annually. See below for details.

Vehicles Requiring a Safety Inspection

The only folks who can skip the first safety inspection (the one that comes within 10 days of first-time vehicle registration) are:

  • People who purchased a new or used vehicle from a dealership.
  • People who purchased or otherwise acquired ownership of a vehicle from a private party (think private sales, vehicle gifting, and inheritance) and the vehicle still has a valid inspection sticker.
  • People who recently moved to West Virginia and currently have a valid inspection sticker from one of the following states:
    • Utah
    • Texas
    • Louisiana
    • Mississippi
    • New Hampshire
    • Oklahoma
    • Missouri
    • New York
If you don’t fall into any of those three categories, you must bring your vehicle in for a safety inspection within 10 days of registering it.

Required Paperwork for a Safety Inspection

Aside from your vehicle and the applicable fee (see below), all you need to bring is your valid vehicle registration card.

Safety Inspection Locations

Safety inspections take place at various auto repair shops and other such facilities throughout the state; as long as it’s licensed by the West Virginia State Police, you can have your vehicle inspected at the facility.

Safety Inspection Costs

Safety inspections are capped at $12 plus tax. You might be able to find a facility that inspects vehicles for a lower cost, but generally inspection stations charge $11 for labor and $1 for the safety certificate (i.e. the sticker).

Remember, your inspection fee is in addition to your regular car registration and titling fees.

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