How much do personalized license plates cost?

Personalized license plates, otherwise known as vanity, courtesy, custom, or prestige license plates, have become very popular in the United States as automobile owners seek individuality. Every state offers personalized license plates for an additional fee.

Getting vanity plates is fun. It makes a personal statement about the owner of the vehicle. Another benefit is that your personalized plates make your vehicle very easy to identify when parked in a crowded lot.

Coming up with a unique license plate can be somewhat difficult. It’s time to give your creative side a workout. Make sure that your message isn’t offensive or something that will send the wrong message to other drivers. For safety reasons, you may want to avoid using your first name on your license plate. Try to think of a message that involves your hobbies, your position at work, a nickname or a fun fact about you.

In most states, you can visit the Department of Motor Vehicles Web site and enter your choices to see if they are available. If you have a valid credit card, you may even be able to order the custom plates of your choice online.

Alabama Regular registration fee $23 plus additional $50 for personalized plate
Alaska $30 plus cost of regular registration fee
Arizona Standard plates can be personalized for free
Arkansas Ranges from $5 to $55, may include a donation to the group sponsoring the plate design
California Ranges from $49-$98
Colorado A one-time fee of $60 upon approval and a $25 fee will be collected each year thereafter for regular personalized plates
Connecticut $90 or $50-$145 for a special plate background
Delaware $40 annual fee, vanity plates $40, specialty plates $35-$50
Florida $12 plus annual renewal fee
Georgia Annual renewal fee $20, special plate fee $25, manufacturing fee $25
Hawaii $25 in addition to all regular fees and taxes
Idaho $25 and $15 annual renewal fee
Illinois $47 plus registration fee
Indiana Additional $30 for personalized plates, annual personalized license plate fee of $48
Iowa $25 initial fee, $5 annual validation fee
Kansas $46 plus additional vehicle registration fees
Kentucky $25 personal plate application fee and $15 registration fee
Louisiana $25 per year in addition to the regular registration fee, plus a one-time $3.50 administrative fee and $8 handling fee
Maine $25 vanity plate fee plus annual registration fee
Maryland $25 for initial plate, then $25 renewal fee in addition to standard registration fees
Massachusetts $20-$50 plus regular renewal fees
Michigan $30 plus standard registration fee
Minnesota $100
Mississippi $31 plus standard fees
Missouri $15 plus standard fee. A $15 reservation fee and EUAS (if applicable) are required for each year the plate is renewed.
Montana $25
Nebraska $40
Nevada Initial cost $36, annual fee $20
New Hampshire Registration fee plus $40 initial plate fee and $4 reflector plate fee per plate ($8 for a set)
New Jersey $50, in addition to the regular registration fee
New Mexico $17 initially and upon each regular registration renewal
New York Initial custom plate fee $50-$81.50, renewal fee: $31.25-$62.50
North Carolina Additional annual fee of $30
North Dakota $25 yearly fee
Ohio $50 in addition to the standard registration and permissive tax fees
Oklahoma $23 original or replacement, $21.50 renewal
Oregon 2-year fee $10-$50, 4-year fee for new vehicles $20-$100
Pennsylvania $20 plus standard registration
Rhode Island Backgrounds: $67.50-$81.50, Plain: Fee by weight + $90 x 2
South Carolina $30 plus the registration fee
South Dakota $25
Tennessee $35 plus standard registration fees
Texas $55-$195 plus vehicle registration fees
Utah Personalized plate cost is determined by each plate type, but is generally $55
Vermont Additional $10 for plates and $38 fee annually along with registration fee
Virginia $10 along with annual registration fee
Washington $49.75 plus standard licensing fees
West Virginia $45
Wisconsin $15 yearly in addition to regular annual registration fee
Wyoming $30 and a renewal fee is require annually along with regular annual registration fees
Washington DC $100 initial fee, $25 for replacement

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