How much is it to renew car tags?

Just as you pay for your car tags when you pay your vehicle registration fees, you’ll pay for their renewal when you handle your registration renewal. In other words, you won’t just renew your car tags; you’ll renew your vehicle’s registration, which also renews your tags.

Fortunately, many states offer more than just one way to renew car tags. Your state might allow you to renew in person, online, by mail, or by phone, or any combination of those methods. Some states charge small fees to renew online or by phone, so be prepared to pay those in addition to any use or similar taxes your state might charge.

Many states send registration renewal notices to vehicle owners, and those notices will include the different ways you can – or the one way you must – renew your vehicle registration. If your state doesn’t send notices, or your notice doesn’t tell you how to renew, contact your state’s motor vehicle agency.

Note that the grid below only deals with renewing registration and car tags for regular passenger vehicles like cars and pickup trucks. You’ll need to contact your motor vehicle agency to find out about renewing tags for vehicles like motorcycles, heavy-duty trucks, taxis, busses, or RVs.

Check the grid below for your state and more details.

Alabama $23
Alaska $100; you may be subject to a Motor Vehicle Registration Tax.
Arizona $8, plus the vehicle license tax that varies based on the vehicle.
Arkansas $17-$30 plus $2.50 validation decal fee.
California $34
Colorado Varies depending on vehicle weight, age, taxable value, purchase date, and type of license plate.
Connecticut $38-$75, depending on the owner’s age and registration duration.
Delaware $40-$80, depending on registration duration; some vehicles eligible for 5-year registration for $200.
Florida $46.15-$141.30, depending on taxes, county fees, car weight, and whether it’s paid annually or biennially.
Georgia $20
Hawaii Fees vary by county and vehicle. Contact your county’s motor vehicle agency.
Idaho $25-$60
Illinois $78
Indiana $21.05
Iowa Fees vary based on vehicle circumstances. The Iowa MVD Web site provides a fee calculator.
Kansas $30-$40, based on vehicle weight.
Kentucky Typically $21, but be sure to check for county variations.
Louisiana Fees vary according to vehicle circumstances and parish. Contact your local motor vehicle agency.
Maine $35
Maryland Fees vary based on vehicle circumstances. Contact your local MVA office.
Massachusetts $45-$90 for registration plates.
Michigan Fees vary based on vehicle circumstances. Contact your local SOS office.
Minnesota $4.50 for a single, $6 for double; you must also pay a $4.50 filing fee when you renew.
Mississippi $12.75
Missouri $18.25-$102.50, depending on taxable horsepower and registration duration. Also expect to pay a processing fee of $3.50-$7, depending on duration.
Montana $28-$217, depending on vehicle age.
Nebraska Fees vary by vehicle age, make, purchase price, and county of residence. The Nebraska DMV Web site provides an estimated fee calculator.
Nevada Fees vary by vehicle age, make, purchase price, manufacturer's suggested retail price, and county of residence. The Nevada DMV Website provides an estimated fee calculator.
New Hampshire Fees vary based on vehicle circumstances. Contact your town or city office.
New Jersey $35.50-$84, depending on vehicle weight.
New Mexico $21-$207 for a one-year registration and from $42-$402.
New York $26-$140
North Carolina $28 plate fee for passenger vehicles, and $28-$51.60 for private passenger trucks.
North Dakota Fees vary based on vehicle circumstances. Contact your local MVD site.
Ohio $34.50
Oklahoma $21-$91, depending on the year of registration.
Oregon $86
Pennsylvania $36, or $10 if you’re retired.
Rhode Island Fees vary based on vehicle weight. If you know the annual registration fee, you can double it and add the $1.50 surcharge.
South Carolina $24 for passenger cars, and $30-$100 for trucks. ($22 for owners 64 years old; $20 for ages 65 and older.)
South Dakota Fees are staggered and based on vehicle weight and age. Contact your County Treasurer’s office.
Tennessee Fees vary based on vehicle circumstances. Contact your County Clerk’s office.
Texas Generally $25-$58.80, depending on vehicle year and weight; however, each county imposes its own additional, varying tax.
Utah Fees vary by factors like vehicle type, fuel type, and county of residence. Contact your local motor vehicle agency.
Vermont $27-$212, depending on fuel type and registration duration.
Virginia $38.75-$43.75, depending on vehicle weight.
Washington Generally, $43.47-$63.75 or more depending on vehicle weight; however, the Washington DOL Web site provides a calculator to help you determine the fees.
West Virginia $30
Wisconsin $75
Wyoming State fee varies by vehicle type; county fee varies by vehicle age and suggested retail price. Contact your County Clerk or Treasurer’s office.
Washington DC $72-$155, depending on vehicle weight.

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