How do I check the status of my drivers license?

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You should always know the status of your driver's license before getting behind the wheel. Otherwise you face the risk of possible long-term repercussions. 

For instance, say you get caught operating a vehicle with a suspended drivers license. Depending on the circumstance and the laws of the state, you could face possible jail time and get hit with hefty fines and a longer suspension. Using the alibi "I didn't know I was driving with a suspended drivers license" will not fly with the police, the court or the DMV. 

Or say your state, based on its point system, suspends any license that exceeds 12 points. And unbeknownst to you, you're one point, or one violation away from topping the 12 point total. Knowing this will make you think twice about speeding or running a stop sign, thus saving you money and the inconvenience of having your license suspended. 

Or another common error is getting caught driving with an expired license. Though this may have been unintentional on your behalf, claiming dumb will not earn any sympathies from the officer issuing you a ticket. 

So if you're in doubt about your license, get your status of drivers license checked immediately. One way of doing this is by ordering a driving record. Driving records cover suspended license information, points and other details affecting the status of your driver's license. You can order one through your local DMV office or via a third party.

Another way of checking your driver's licenses status is by simply calling your local DMV office and asking for a license status update. Your DMV agent won't provide the detail of a driving record, but, for peace of mind purposes, will provide you with enough information to let you know if you're driving legally.

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