Top 10 Ways to Avoid a DUI or DWI

The best way to avoid a DUI or DWI is simple: don't put yourself in jeopardy of that happening. Period.

Once you've had a couple of alcoholic drinks (or sometimes even one) and decide to drive, you're taking a huge chance. Sure, you might make it home safely, and without detection by law enforcement. But, you might also lose your license, get thrown in jail, be nailed with hefty fines, destroy your car, permanently injure yourself, or cause a fatality.

With that much at risk, do you really feel like taking a gamble? Facing a drunk driving conviction is a nerve-racking and potentially life-altering experience. You might need to hire a DUI lawyer to defend you, inform you about the DUI laws in the state, and try to reduce your charges or penalties.

But, you can avoid all that by taking some precautions.

So, if you're planning on attending an event or celebration where alcohol will be served - such as a wedding reception, football game, concert, New Year's Eve bash, girls night out, bachelor party, birthday party, or any of the other dozens of such parties - here are some ways to avoid getting a DUI or DWI. Not all of these options may be available to you, and this isn't ground-breaking information.

It's merely a way to remind you that you do have better options that hopping behind the wheel after drinking.

Here are 10 ways to avoid getting a DUI or DWI:
  1. Take a cab.
  2. Get a hotel room.
  3. Rent a limo.
  4. Ride a bus.
  5. Have a designated driver.
  6. Use the subway.
  7. Drink non-alcoholic beer.
  8. Strictly limit your alcohol consumption.
  9. Walk.
  10. Don't drink.

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